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Guest Etiquette 101: How To Navigate Different Cultures' Wedding Traditions

Attending culturally diverse weddings? Research customs beforehand, embrace attire, respect ceremonies, try new foods, and dance freely. Your enthusiasm for traditions enhances the celebration of love.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your Save-the-Date Cards

This ULC article goes into Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your Save-the-Date Cards. Sending out save-the-date cards is crucial for weddings, offering ample notice to guests. Timing matters, and don't forget to read more!

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Dancing Pallbearers: How They Became a Cultural Phenomenon

In this ULC article we discuss the Dancing Pallbearers: From Ghanaian Funerals to Pandemic Memes. A tale of fame through dances honoring the dead, viral memes, and a socially conscious message amidst COVID-19's impact.

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Harry and Meghan: The Focus of a Netflix Docuseries

In this ULC article, we go over Meghan and Prince Harry: A Tale Beyond Royalty. From a chance Instagram encounter to breaking norms, explore their love story, wedding, and groundbreaking departure from the royal family. 

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Embrace Nature's Blessings With a Pagan Christening

This ULC article goes into Creating a Pagan Christening: Embracing Nature's Blessings. Incorporate elements, meaningful names, personalized rituals, and communal feasting to celebrate and impart spiritual connections.

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Tips for Delivering the Perfect Wedding Toast

Crafting a wedding speech is an honor but comes with responsibility. Start by speaking from the heart, avoid embarrassing details, show love to both parties, keep it brief (5-7 minutes), and practice beforehand.

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Hispanic Leaders of Faith Making a Difference

This ULC article celebrates the cultural richness of Hispanic Americans, honoring influential figures like Bishop Carcaño, reflecting the diverse contributions within religious leadership and community empowerment. 

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Simplify Your Wedding Guest List With Four Questions

Embarking on wedding planning post-engagement requires consideration of your guest list. Budget constraints, closeness to invitees, venues, and plus one allowances are pivotal factors for a stress-free celebration.

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Scientists Seriously Rethink the Big Bang Theory

We're probably all familiar with the Big Bang Theory, the proposed explanation for the creation of the universe. But a group of physicists and a new theory has scientists reconsidering our worldly origins.

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Does Religion Play a Part in Aging Well? Part 1

We all age, so why not do it well? Becoming older doesn't have to mean less mobility, increased health issues, and other things one might associate with getting older. Learn how to age well and see these handy ULC tips!

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We remind you to get ordained if you haven't already. This is the first step in the process that will allow you to legally officiate weddings of friends and family. You can also perform baptisms, preside over funerals, offer blessings, and even absolve the sins of others.

Universal Live Church ministers com from all walks of life and spiritual traditions. Whether you identify as Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Muslim, or even Atheist or Agnostic, we recognize and offer products needed for your ministry. Our common thread is our adherence to the Universal Life Church doctrine:

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