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Facts About the Sunni Muslims of Palestine

This ULC article goes into the ongoing spotlight on Palestine. Sunni Muslims, predominant in the region, offer insights into their religious customs amidst turbulent international scrutiny and understanding.

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Don't Miss These Religious Sites in the Tampa Bay Area

This ULC article goes into Tampa Bay, Florida, as it holds rich historical significance from Spanish exploration to economic booms. Its religious diversity is evident in marvels that are all around the city.

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6 Biographies About Women Written by Women

In honor of Women's History Month, discover six impactful books recounting the tireless efforts of women in civil rights and social justice movements, penned by women who've championed women's rights themselves.

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Cooking for a Funeral Potluck: A How-To Guide

This ULC article is about funeral potluck contributions. Consider tastes, dietary needs. Plan for a crowd with easy dishes. Coordinate complementary meals, transport with care. Express empathy through cooking.

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Does Religion Play a Part in Aging Well? Part 1

We all age, so why not do it well? Becoming older doesn't have to mean less mobility, increased health issues, and other things one might associate with getting older. Learn how to age well and see these handy ULC tips!

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How To Make a Celebration of Life More Personal

This ULC article discusses how to cope with the challenges of losing a loved one. Somethings to remember are to consider planning a personalized celebration of life event. Reflect on their unique qualities.

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4 Ways To Get Better Rest

The article emphasizes that consistent, quality sleep is crucial for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, and it advises building good daily sleep habits in addition to observing a weekly day of rest.

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The Churches of Jackson, Mississippi

Food & Wine magazine recently featured Jackson, Mississippi, highlighting its growing cultural scene and unique Southern charm. So what is so unique about this city? Check out this ULC article to find out more!

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Religious Diversity in Carmel, Indiana, Is Just One Reason the Town Is a Great Place To Live

Carmel, Indiana is a hub of culture and diversity right outside Indianapolis. More of an unknown city to the rest of the US, lots of ULC ministers officiate there and add to the diversity. See more about it here!

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Tips for Happy Feet on Your Special Day

You don't want your guests to point and shout "What are those!" as you walk down the aisle! As well, you need a stylish pair of shoes that meets the comfort demand for the day. Check out this ULC article and plan well.

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