The Origins of Common Western Funeral Practices

Explore the untold stories behind funeral customs. From floral bouquets masking odors to black attire's historical significance, discover the hidden origins shaping modern mourning rituals and expressions of respect. 

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival Draws Crowds Across the Americas

The Lady of Guadalupe Festival draws crowds from all over and is an important presence in the daily lives of many Mexicans and Latinx people. This ULC article goes into her importance in history, and today.

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Remembering Jane Addams

Jane Addams is often considered the mother of modern social work. She worked tirelessly to improve conditions for women and children across america. That's not all she accomplished, and read on to learn more!

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Guest Etiquette 101: How To Navigate Different Cultures' Wedding Traditions

Attending culturally diverse weddings? Research customs beforehand, embrace attire, respect ceremonies, try new foods, and dance freely. Your enthusiasm for traditions enhances the celebration of love.

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The Churches of Jackson, Mississippi

Food & Wine magazine recently featured Jackson, Mississippi, highlighting its growing cultural scene and unique Southern charm. So what is so unique about this city? Check out this ULC article to find out more!

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Six Things To Consider When Throwing a Baptism Party

Throwing a baptism party can be as difficult as planning the baptism! Many ULC Ministers perform baptisms & if you're getting ready to do one this checklist of what you'll need after the ceremony is a great help.

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What LGBTQ+ Couples Need To Know About Preparing for Death

While marriage laws are approaching full-equality in the US, separating things like property, finances, etc. can get difficult as the other laws haven't caught up to the times yet. It's important to see what's required.

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How To Support a Friend Who Has Experienced Loss

Losing a loved one hard, and if your bro is being especially mopey about it it's YOUR job to get them motivated! Don't let your fellow sad-bro's hard iron abs turn to jelly, check this ULC article and be happy again!

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Tips on How To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

This ULC article is about choosing the right engagement ring; it's crucial as you elevate your relationship. From budgeting to style preferences, consider these steps before purchasing the symbol of your commitment.

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The Importance of Self-Awareness in Managing Mental Health

Managing your mental health is no easy task. Even if you don't feel like you're struggling tragedy can strike at anytime and it's good to be prepared and know how to manage it. Self-awareness is key, and read more here.

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We remind you to get ordained if you haven't already. This is the first step in the process that will allow you to legally officiate weddings of friends and family. You can also perform baptisms, preside over funerals, offer blessings, and even absolve the sins of others.

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