Sacred Places and Sites in South Dakota

South Dakota's rich history is intertwined with both controversy and beauty. From the contentious pipeline protests to sacred sites like Black Elk Peak and Bear Butte, the state's landscapes reflect indigenous heritage.

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Common Concerns You May Have About Your Wedding

Planning a wedding requires meticulous attention to detail. From setting timelines and budgets to choosing vendors and venues, thorough preparation ensures a smooth journey towards your dream wedding day.  

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Don't Forget Any Last-Minute Wedding Details

This ULC article goes into planning a wedding involves meticulous details, especially last-minute ones. Ensure a smooth day by securing your marriage license, a playlist, and much more! This article is full of tips.

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Put a Personal Touch on Your Wedding With These Creative Ideas

This ULC article goes into how to make your wedding uniquely yours! From whimsical lighting to unconventional guest books and local favors, infuse your personality into every aspect for a memorable celebration. 

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$217 Million Temple To Open on the Site of Babri Mosque

The $217 million Ayodhya temple, sprawling across 7.4 acres, is a pink sandstone marvel, featuring intricate carvings and a central statue of deity Ram, amidst controversy over its location's history.   

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How To Soothe Re-Entry Fears

Re-entering society after the pandemic can be challenging and even frightful, even if the pandemic is starting to come to an end. This ULC article is full of helpful tips on reintregating into society safely.

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Beyond the Funeral: Ways To Honor Your Loved One Throughout the Years

Ever heard of Grief Creativity? Neither have I. In this ULC article that is just one of the ways to honor your loved ones. Read on to see all the different ways to honor your loved ones after they pass.

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How Should You Allocate Your Wedding Budget?

Planning a wedding can be a special experience. However, when the initial excitement settles the reality of how difficult it is to plan a wedding can be very stressful. Check out this ULC article to see how to allocate!

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How To Save Money and Still Throw a Fantastic Wedding

Are you insterested in learning How To Save Money and Still Throw a Fantastic Wedding? Luckily this ULC article has you covered! With inflation, wages not growing fast enough, you can still have your dream wedding.

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Food Serving Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception, a cherished part of your special day, invites relaxation, dancing, and traditions like the first dance. Choosing the right reception food and serving method impacts the celebration's flavor.

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We remind you to get ordained if you haven't already. This is the first step in the process that will allow you to legally officiate weddings of friends and family. You can also perform baptisms, preside over funerals, offer blessings, and even absolve the sins of others.

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