How to Become an Ordained Minister Online

Smiling ordained minister in his ministry

There are plenty of reasons to consider becoming an ordained minister. Whether you’ve found yourself looking to get in touch with your spiritual side in a more active way or you have been approached by friends to officiate a wedding, becoming an ordained minister opens several wonderful doors! Without some signposts, the first steps of this exciting adventure can be daunting. The Universal Life Church Ministries aims to guide you through the journey, offering a non-denominational experience for all to feel welcome and included.

With a little preliminary research, you’ll feel totally prepared to tackle this task. Take a moment to explore the different factors involved with becoming an ordained minister. From initial steps to how you can use your status down the line, this information will help you figure out how to go about developing a strategy to walk your own spiritual path.

First Steps To Becoming Ordained

The first step of your journey is to officially become an ordained minister. This is incredibly simple for anyone over the age of 18 thanks to the resources available through the Universal Life Church. To get ordained online, simply fill out the form here on this page.

A few quick reminders:

  • You must be 18 years of age to apply.
  • As with any legal form, you need to include the correct information. This means putting your full name instead of a nickname any other pertinent bits of factual information asked for (failing to do this can invalidate your application, so be as diligent as possible.)
  • Use a valid and current email address. This is how ULC will keep in contact with you, so you want to provide an address you check regularly.
  • Review the form carefully before submitting it and you will be on your way to becoming officially ordained!

Feel a Sense of Community

People tend to become ordained for many different reasons. Part of the beauty of the Universal Life Church Ministries is that the officiants come from all walks of life. Regardless of your personal beliefs or cultural background, you will be welcomed into the fold just the same. The ULC loves to connect ministers to each other in order to encourage a healthy discussion on all matters spiritual.

This is evidenced by the lively conversations that take place on the official ULC Facebook page, and on our blog, where you can read all about the various topics and debates currently taking place within the spiritual community. The ULC also operates the Minister’s Network, which is a specific social platform aimed entirely at helping the officiants registered through the organization connect in a meaningful manner.

What You Can Do as a Minister

Woman studying to become an ordained minister online

As a newly ordained minister, you may be curious to learn about all of the different ways you can use your new status. Many who become ordained are excited to act as a wedding minister. Once you’ve got your license to marry people, so to speak, friends and family members may look to you as a possible option.

The ULC has compiled a comprehensive list of state marriage laws, including which states require wedding ministers to register and get a license to marry people. Be sure to review this information and learn more about what is expected of you and how to put together a memorable script for the event. If weddings aren’t for you, remember that you are also able to officiate baptisms, funerals, and other spiritual events. Take time to think about what aligns with your interests as a minister and use ULC’s resources to learn more about how to conduct these services.

Continue Along Your Personal Spiritual Path

Plenty of people view their spiritual journeys as lifelong endeavors. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to wander without a specific sense of purpose. If this sounds familiar to you, then becoming an ordained minister is a wonderful way to take control of your path. Instead of feeling as if you are bouncing from one idea to the next, you can refine your search by connected with the ULCM.

By becoming ordained through the Universal Life Church Ministries, you will have access to countless resources and an extensive network of individuals looking to engage and educate. Take time to review the application, look into the various ways you can use your status as a minister, and get ready to begin an adventure that will enrich you for the rest of your days.