Facts About the Sunni Muslims of Palestine

This ULC article goes into the ongoing spotlight on Palestine. Sunni Muslims, predominant in the region, offer insights into their religious customs amidst turbulent international scrutiny and understanding.

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Planning an Eco-Friendly Funeral

In this ULC article it discusses a shifting cultural landscape, eco-friendly funerals offer solace with minimal ecological impact, honoring loved ones through biodegradable means while nurturing the Earth's future.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival Draws Crowds Across the Americas

The Lady of Guadalupe Festival draws crowds from all over and is an important presence in the daily lives of many Mexicans and Latinx people. This ULC article goes into her importance in history, and today.

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How Should You Allocate Your Wedding Budget?

Planning a wedding can be a special experience. However, when the initial excitement settles the reality of how difficult it is to plan a wedding can be very stressful. Check out this ULC article to see how to allocate!

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Headstones and Cemetery Signs That Inject Humor Into the Darkest of Days

Headstones with comedic lines and or phrases? Funny or not funny? What do you think? This ULC article discusses humerous headstones around the world and the different ways that people have interpreted them.

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Food Serving Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception, a cherished part of your special day, invites relaxation, dancing, and traditions like the first dance. Choosing the right reception food and serving method impacts the celebration's flavor.

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Harry and Meghan: The Focus of a Netflix Docuseries

In this ULC article, we go over Meghan and Prince Harry: A Tale Beyond Royalty. From a chance Instagram encounter to breaking norms, explore their love story, wedding, and groundbreaking departure from the royal family. 

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Cancer Brings Newly Married Couple Closer

Madison and Zach's love story faces a formidable challenge when Zach battles lymphoma. They wed hastily amid uncertainty. Through treatments and recovery,  and they share their journey on TikTok for others to see.

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Will China's Cash Incentive Convince Chinese Couples To Marry Earlier?

China's old one-child policy and delayed marriages led to a declining population. Officials now encourage earlier marriage to boost growth. Couples marrying young receive an incentive but wedding costs still challenge.  

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Does Religion Play a Part in Aging Well? Part 2

Religious practices' impact on longevity is debated. Compassion, humility, and community may be factors for a longer life. Prayer can offset stress and help fFocus on personal well-being for a fulfilling, longer life.

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