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How To Celebrate Throughout Eastertide

If you like 12 days of Christmas, you're going to love Eastertide! This ULC article goes into Eastertide, and how to keep the Easter spirit throughout all 50 days. Continue reading for helpful tips to stay in the spirit!

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The Origins of Prayer

This ULC article dives into the history and origin of prayer. The idea of "prayer" is different between religions and individuals, so where prayer first came from could be interesting. Read on to see the full scoop!

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Remembering Jane Addams

Jane Addams is often considered the mother of modern social work. She worked tirelessly to improve conditions for women and children across america. That's not all she accomplished, and read on to learn more!

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How To Host a Simple and Meaningful Funeral Repast

After the funeral, hosting a post-service gathering, known as a repast, offers solace. Selecting a venue, timing, and refreshments is key to providing a meaningful farewell for close friends and family.

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Food Serving Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception, a cherished part of your special day, invites relaxation, dancing, and traditions like the first dance. Choosing the right reception food and serving method impacts the celebration's flavor.

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6 Biographies About Women Written by Women

In honor of Women's History Month, discover six impactful books recounting the tireless efforts of women in civil rights and social justice movements, penned by women who've championed women's rights themselves.

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Getting Back Out There: Post-Pandemic Dating Tips

This ULC article goes into navigating post-pandemic dating. Whether reconnecting socially or venturing into new relationships, uncertainties linger. Online dating and planning ahead can help ease anxiety. 

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How To Plan an Appropriate Memorial Service for Your Loved One

This ULC article goes into planning a meaningful memorial service post-loss requires thoughtful considerations. The event, a celebration of life, offers a chance to honor the departed in a unique way.

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Cooking for a Funeral Potluck: A How-To Guide

This ULC article is about funeral potluck contributions. Consider tastes, dietary needs. Plan for a crowd with easy dishes. Coordinate complementary meals, transport with care. Express empathy through cooking.

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Keeping Unwanted Guests Out of a Funeral

Navigating funeral dynamics amid grieving processes is crucial. Beyond honoring a loved one's life, managing potential disruptions, like family drama, is daunting. Excluding individuals demands tact: confront or avoid?

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We remind you to get ordained if you haven't already. This is the first step in the process that will allow you to legally officiate weddings of friends and family. You can also perform baptisms, preside over funerals, offer blessings, and even absolve the sins of others.

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