About the Universal Life Church Ministries

Universal Life Church ministries church building

Since the beginning, the Universal Life Church Ministries has been dedicated to cultivating an all-inclusive spiritual community. Today, the Church is recognized around the world for its message of inclusivity, advocacy for social justice, and innovative use of technology. With more than 20 million ordained ministers and counting, perhaps no other religious organization has had a broader impact on the 21st century.

An Inclusive Sense of Community

Community is an important factor when it comes to feeling a sense of connection with a religious group. If a person feels ostracized or excluded, it can drive a wedge between the individual and his or her own spiritual core. This can often prevent someone who feels a religious calling from finding his or her spiritual path.

The ULC aims to embrace all, and believes that we are all the children of the same universe. No matter your background or particular beliefs, the nondenominational nature of the church encourages all of its online ministers to come together and share in a sense of connection.

A Core of Freedom and Justice

The Universal Life Church strongly believes that all the people of the world are one and the same: children of the universe. This guiding ideology is what makes the organization so appealing to so many. From that core belief the ULC derived its two central tenets, the only things it asks of its ministers and members:

  1. Do that which is right
  2. Practice your faith freely as you see fit, so long as you don't prevent anyone else from doing the same and act in accordance with the law.

Through the ULC, ministers who chose online ordination are not forced to follow outdated or impractical rules when conducting a ceremony, like officiating a wedding. They are free to use whatever script they wish and include traditions and rituals that work best for occasion and the individuals taking part in it. This freedom is what keeps the ULC growing year after year and has helped it foster a diverse and passionate community.

Due to its simple and honest message, the ministers of the ULC span the faith spectrum and include people with beliefs derived from Christianity, Paganism, Islam, Buddhism, and practically every other perspective you could imagine.

A Commitment To Inspire and Educate

One of the main reasons people become familiar with the Universal Life Church Ministries is the power its members have to act as wedding ministers. For many couples, having a friend or family member become a wedding officiant to conduct the marriage ceremony is far more appealing than a total stranger. The ULC provides assistance and support to any who feel called to take the leap and become ordained ministers whether to be licensed as wedding ministers, perform a baptism, or to pursue a different spiritual venture entirely.

If you have never officiated a wedding before, you may feel overwhelmed. With millions of other ministers registered through the ULC, know that you have access to a community of open-minded individuals who are more than happy to offer insight. Whether you’re unsure of the best order to follow for the ceremony itself or you want to be certain you know where to sign on the marriage license, all that information and more can be found on the websites operated by the Universal Life Church Ministries.

A Constant Process of Growth

The ULC is constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of the times. Inspired by figures who have fought for truth and justice, the ULC is consistently working toward a future where all people are accepted for who they are. Charity is also a key component when it comes to the ULC, and the organization is committed to providing funds to other worthy groups that aim to make a positive impact on the planet.

Whether someone in your life has recently asked you to become an officiant for their nuptials or you are intrigued by the idea of an all-inclusive spiritual community, the Universal Life Church Ministries may appeal to you. Learn more about the simple and straightforward process of becoming an ordained minister online here on this site. If this is a good fit for you, then the ULC will help you find the path that is best for your spiritual goals.