Learn How to Become an Ordained Minister

After becoming ordained, the first question many people have is “where can I learn more about being a minister?” Well, almost anything you need to know as an ordained minister is available here in this ULC minister training guide. The more you know about the wide range of clergy duties and responsibilities, the more comfortable you’ll be in this role and the better you’ll be able to serve others as a minster.

Ministry life is more than just training. We recognize that serving in this position requires support and guidance. We offer resources and tools to help you serve others. For example, our wedding officiant script generator helps you develop a customized script for upcoming nuptials. Provide some basic information about the ceremony and the couple getting married, and you’re ready to go!

We also provide an exhaustive guide for wedding laws to help you understand local and state regulations regarding marriage. As a wedding minister, your couples will depend on you to be knowledgeable about legal requirements for marriages in your area.