Taking a Closer Look at Statistics Surrounding Buddhism

Delve into Buddhism, one of the world's oldest religions. Despite variations in daily practices, common threads unite followers in beliefs of rebirth, reverence for nature, and spiritual enlightenment.

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Women Scientists To Remember During Women’s History Month

While there have been many women throughout history who excelled in their careers and were responsible for innovation and change, there are a few that stand out. Check out this ULC article to read more!

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Taking a Look at Modern Global Views on Religion

Ideas on religion are always changing, and some studies show a decline in religious participation and possibly a more negative view of religion. This ULC article focuses on modern global views on religion.

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How To Celebrate Throughout Eastertide

If you like 12 days of Christmas, you're going to love Eastertide! This ULC article goes into Eastertide, and how to keep the Easter spirit throughout all 50 days. Continue reading for helpful tips to stay in the spirit!

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The Origins of Prayer

This ULC article dives into the history and origin of prayer. The idea of "prayer" is different between religions and individuals, so where prayer first came from could be interesting. Read on to see the full scoop!

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Embrace Nature's Blessings With a Pagan Christening

This ULC article goes into Creating a Pagan Christening: Embracing Nature's Blessings. Incorporate elements, meaningful names, personalized rituals, and communal feasting to celebrate and impart spiritual connections.

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Hispanic Leaders of Faith Making a Difference

This ULC article celebrates the cultural richness of Hispanic Americans, honoring influential figures like Bishop Carcaño, reflecting the diverse contributions within religious leadership and community empowerment. 

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Will China's Cash Incentive Convince Chinese Couples To Marry Earlier?

China's old one-child policy and delayed marriages led to a declining population. Officials now encourage earlier marriage to boost growth. Couples marrying young receive an incentive but wedding costs still challenge.  

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Does Religion Play a Part in Aging Well? Part 2

Religious practices' impact on longevity is debated. Compassion, humility, and community may be factors for a longer life. Prayer can offset stress and help fFocus on personal well-being for a fulfilling, longer life.

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Historical Churches in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is rich in history, houses and notable religious sites. The First Parish Church, established in 1632, boasts historic architecture. Along with places like Canterbury Shaker Village and Mount Washington.

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