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Need to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you. First, if you have questions about online ordination, being a minister, or performing weddings, don’t forget to review the FAQ section below. If that information doesn’t provide the answers you need, we’ve also included a contact form below where you can submit a message to our support team. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

If it’s an urgent matter that requires an immediate response, you can reach our support team directly by telephone at (206) 285-1086. Keep in mind that our team receives a large volume of requests each day they do their best to answer every inquiry, but aren’t always available to take phone calls.

Our office hours are 6:00AM to 2:00PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.

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Are ULC ordinations legal?

Yes! As members of an incorporated and formally established religious organization, ULC ministers are granted all the same benefits, from a legal perspective, enjoyed by other clergy members in the United States. In the eyes of the law, ULC ordinations are recognized in just the same manner as titles bestowed from more traditional faith organizations.

Once an application for being a minister is submitted and accepted, the applicant is officially recognized as a clergy member of the Universal Life Church. While some members are content being registered digitally in our system, others choose to also order physical documents from our online catalog. The ordination credential, wallet-sized credential, and Letter of Good Standing can all serve as legal proof that you are indeed ordained.

Be aware that the rules and laws governing marriage can vary from state to state (and even at the local level). Some areas may require that ministers show proof of ordination prior to performing legal ceremonies. To learn more about officiating weddings in your area, please visit the Wedding Laws Guide on our sister site.

Can my ordination expire?

Nope! ULC ordinations are good for life, never expire, and do not require any fees or renewal process. That said, if you wish to be removed from our rolls, you can at any time request to have your ordination revoked.

What can I do after being ordained?

Whatever you like! Upon being ordained, you will be eligible to perform all the same religious rites and ceremonies that other clergy members do from weddings, to funerals and baptisms, house blessings, and more. If you feel a calling to start your own ministry, you can even do that, too!

Check out the Minister Training Center to learn more about the various ways you can put your ordination to use.

How do I officiate a wedding?

Please review our detailed guide to planning and officiating a wedding that offers tips and advice for how to approach the big day!