Minister Supplies

Welcome to the ULC Be A Minister supplies catalog, where you’ll find all the materials and resources you could ever need to conduct your duties as an ordained minister! As an ordained minister, we invite you to complete your order on our sister website by clicking any of the links below. No matter where your ministerial journey takes you, we can provide the proper supplies to ensure that your endeavors are successful. Here’s an overview of what’s included in our catalog:


Packages available in the minister store Packages available at the minister store

Our most popular items come in the form of package deals that bundle a variety of supplies together in a neat collection. These ordained minister packages vary in size and scope, depending on what type of work you expect to be doing. From a basic ordination-focused collection, to a marriage-specific package with a wedding officiant license and a few other items, to more deluxe collections designed to help get a ministry off the ground – you’ll find a wide range of offerings in this category.

Don’t forget to compare various packages to see what is included in each, and to make sure you pick the right one for you! Note that most kits include certain essential items, such as an official ordination credential.


Clothing and accessories from the minister store Apparel from the minister store

Getting official documents is only the first step – with credentials in hand, you probably also want to look the part of a minister! Our exclusive clergy apparel collection offers a variety of wardrobe additions to wear at your next ceremony. Whether you need a formal look for officiating a funeral or a big wedding, or you prefer a more casual appearance for a small commitment ceremony, you’ll find an option to suit your needs.

Make sure to check out our ever-popular accessories, too! Even when not officiating, many of our ministers like to employ smaller touches that show off their ordination status, such as a ULC lapel pin or a minister license plate kit.

Titles and Degrees

Titles and Degrees available in the minister store Religious titles available at the minister store

Becoming an ordained minister online isn’t all about performing weddings, of course. Members of the ULC follow all manner of pursuits beyond traditional officiant duties, which is why we offer other types of titles and degrees to match these interest areas. Regardless of what realm these pursuits fall under – the spiritual, the metaphysical, or the scholarly – our high-quality titles and degrees provide ministers with honorary status in these fascinating areas.


Books available in the minister store Books available at the minister store

No minister collection would be complete without some reading material! Our supplies catalog includes enough literature to fill an entire bookshelf and keep you busy reading for months on end. Maybe you’re interested in books about performing weddings, such as a selection of wedding poems, resources for writing a wedding ceremony script, or the ULC’s own how-to wedding guide, By the Power Vested in Me.

Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your horizons and learn about other types of ceremonies and faith traditions different from your own. From books on performing baptisms, funerals, and handfastings, to insightful examinations of a wide range of religious and spiritual practices, our catalog has no shortage of interesting reading material.