As you plan for your big day, you likely will spend a lot of time focusing on larger components of the experience, like selecting a venue or picking the perfect cake. Still, the smaller details of your wedding are where you get the chance to let your personality shine. Getting creative with your guest book or your favors can provide a truly memorable experience for your guests. Consider these fun and easy ideas to discover some simple ways to make your wedding feel more like your own. 

Light the Scene

How your reception is lit will have a huge impact on how guests feel about the event. Instead of relying solely on the venue’s lighting option, think about how you can enhance the space by bringing in your own sources of illumination. For a night that feels whimsical, hang string lights around the room and let guests feel as if they’re dancing amidst the stars. To add a touch of intimacy to the space, place candles throughout the venue and cultivate a romantic ambiance. With a few extra lights, you can completely transform the experience.

Rethink the Traditional Guest Book

Guest books offer your friends and family the chance to write messages of love and luck on your big day. However, there is no rule stating that this element of your wedding needs to be an actual book. Think outside the box with this idea and find something that better suits your personality. Buy an old typewriter and give people the option of typing out their well-wishes with a vintage flair. Grab a jersey from one of your favorite sports teams and have guests sign the shirt with a marker. There are countless ways to make a unique guest book. 

Show Your Love With Special Favors

Giving out favors to your guests is a thoughtful way to thank your loved ones for taking part in this milestone in your life. Don’t grab just anything, as you want your guests to actually appreciate and use your present. If there’s a local small business you love, this can be the best place to grab your gifts. Whether you go to a tea shop for a special blend or you visit an apiary that a friend owns to purchase jars of honey, your guests are bound to appreciate the chance to taste some local flavors. 

Use Signage to Your Advantage

Signs can play a big part on your wedding day. If you’re tying the knot at an expansive venue, using signage will help your family and friends find their way to the reception, restrooms, parking lot, and anywhere else they need to go. Put a personal spin on your event by creating custom signs that fit with your wedding theme. The posts and boards don’t all need to be functional, either. Having a few extra signs that display messages of love or your favorite quotes can enhance your decor in a simple way. 

Offer a Special Seat

Most venues provide the chairs that you will need for your reception. Still, these seats might not fit the overall aesthetic of your wedding. If you have extra cash in your budget, consider renting chairs that better fit the look you’re going for. Be sure to also think about the comfort of the seats, as you want to avoid making your guests feel sore or irritated while sitting. One inexpensive alternative to explore is buying cushions for the chairs with patterns that match your event’s theme. Floral cushions for a springtime affair, for example, can work wonders. 

By paying attention to the little details of your big day, you can pinpoint a variety of areas where you can get creative and make your event more memorable. Whether you use special lighting or get clever with your signs, there are plenty of ways to make your reception stand out.

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