Whether you have been planning a wedding for over a year or in a matter of weeks, it can take a lot of work to remember all of the details. Last-minute small wedding details may seem insignificant, but you want to have your bases covered so your wedding day runs smoothly.

Your Marriage License

Of course, your wedding will only be legal with a marriage license, and whether you can walk in and get one or have to make an appointment several weeks before your wedding will depend on where you live. Consider researching to prepare for whatever you need to do, as you may need time to gather the documents required to obtain the license.

Wedding Playlist

If you have hired a DJ for your wedding, then they'll have a good set of songs to play at a wedding. However, you may have songs you want to be played or ones you want them to avoid. If this is the case, then coming up with a wedding playlist is a good idea. Do this a few days ahead of time, and give it to your DJ to give them time to prepare.

Check In With Your Photographer

Your wedding photographer likely has some ideas on what will make great wedding pics, but you likely have your own ideas. Get a list together to show your wedding photographer. Whether it's specific groups of people you want, a particular pose, or a part of the wedding or reception you would like them to focus on more, giving them this list ahead of time will make wedding photos less of a stressful frenzy. Many different creative poses and photo ideas can create great memories. Try researching or looking at others' wedding pics to see if that inspires any ideas.

Set Your Itinerary

An idea of what the day should look like is crucial on your wedding day. Set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. It will be helpful to build in more time than you expect you will need for things like hair, makeup, and travel. This will help prevent you from getting behind and feeling stressed. Give your wedding party and vendors a copy of the itinerary a few days before so they know when to show up and what to expect.

Check the Wedding Program

Be sure to take a few minutes to go through the wedding program and look for any typos. Be sure everyone's name is spelled correctly and no one is left off the program. Do this several days in advance so that there is time to correct it without there being too much of a hassle. It can be helpful for more than one person to do this so that there is a lower chance of an error being missed.

Put Your Bridal Party Gifts Together

It is a common tradition that the bride and groom get gifts for their wedding party, as a thank you for being a part of their wedding. It may be something like a piece of jewelry for the bridal party or a survival kit containing items that can be helpful on the wedding day. Get your gifts together ahead of time so you can present them at the rehearsal dinner or bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Think About Wedding Day Food

While you likely have figured out the food to serve at the reception and have hired the caterers, remember the snacks your bridal party will need throughout the day. Some high-protein snacks, meals, and plenty of water to stay hydrated will help keep everyone feeling good and ready for the business of the wedding day.

Remembering these things and planning as necessary will help your wedding day go more smoothly. Don't be afraid to delegate some of these tasks to others, as you will have a lot to think about, and your wedding party is there to help. 

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